Black Elderberry Cordial/Syrup

It’s the time of year when nature is the richest in forest and wild fruits, holding enormous benefits in a form of nutrients and vitamins. The best part is, these things are free of charge yet people stay away often… Continue Reading →

# Weight Loss and Diets myth + BONUS about Global Climate Change

World known and never ending problem – obesity. Increasing weight and inability to function normally, hits us all very hard. Let me share some discovery that brings nothing new but opens eyes with a very simple and effective science…

# Ireland, Portrane – hidden gem village

If you travel occasionally and are not a globetrotter or veteran, you probably hit the same wall as I did couple of times. The closer to trip, the more you realise that not much have been planned except for some… Continue Reading →

# [2014] Aksonema [live! Acoustic EP]

And finally 2014, EP was born, without much mastering so it lacks a punch a bit (better put volume up if you dare to test it). Since then it was hiatus… but behold, surprise is coming this year hopefully 😉

# [2014] Coverphobicum Live Acousticum

And in 2014 I decided to bundle up some other cover songs I committed. A new production was made…

# [2001 – 2011] Own, unplugged and uneasy

I was of course creating my own music back in the days. Although my main stream of production was about cover songs, some originals were born across and after ten years I decided to give them a proper compilation. Some… Continue Reading →

# [2010] Triplesuck’s Coverphobia Acoustica

…and in 2010, it happened twice. Two compilations of cover songs. I used to be productive.

# [2010] Coverphobia Acoustica rev.2

Then 2010 came. And I had couple of other cover songs to record and a bit more skills then…

# [2004] Homemade Coverphobia Acoustica

In 2004 I made a first “draft” and it became recording of poor quality. Still if you fancy a go…

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