We don’t have much of a summer days in Ireland. 2018 though, seems to be another one in line, of recent years, increasing in hot, sweaty days.

In such days (and in general), when there’s need to cool myself down, I prefer to suppress the desire for nearest coffee shop or cafeterie and buying so called “refreshing” blends (full of sugar and who knows what inside). I rather keep the DYI produce side, at home, using whatever’s in the fridge. Today was one of these days and I created something that I call “Stracucumba” (call it whatever you want, even more or less ridiculous – I couldn’t care less).

If you have blender to hand and really need to cool yourself down in a hot summer day, you probably have your own ideas already, still I encourage you to try the below, at least once.

If you’d like to give it a try and are brave enough to mix most of the listed below and drink it – hail to you and enjoy.


BLENDER (or whatever you can use to make it a shapeless mass, liquid enough to drink)


  • 3-4 LARGE ICE CUBES (or equivalent of smaller, completely due to your preference, but enough to make it worthwhile)
  • HALF of a LONG “Tendergreen” CUCUMBER (or equivalent one average cucumber of your choice, cut into rough 4-5 pieces)
  • SPLASH OF CORDIAL (I used blueberry, but you can use any – it’s more for adding a bit of background sweetness and flavour; make sure it’s one of those “proper” cordials of sugar and juice/concentrate and pretty much nothing else)

Blend it to the very liquid and pour over, no BS preparation and long polemic about sugar or other stuff. Enjoy and drop a comment if you tried it…

…even if you hATE IT, I appreciATE IT… peace!