I love simple recipes that don’t require much “this and that”, or some hippie ingredients from dark corners of the Earth. I try to replace the “old ones” that were complex or required a lot of time, with these that I find faster, simpler, that just work…

…and taste good.

Here we have a subject, that some people call crepes or pancakes. Call them whatever you like. Final result is aimed for a wafer-thin style, full diameter ones, ideal for nutella, sugar, jam and anything you really want to put on them.

For a savoury version, I’ll give you another quick idea to follow if you’d like a quick meal-of-the-day.

Depends on your pan diameter and/or glass used for measurements, amount of resulting pieces may differ, but generally the below is for approximately 6-7 crepes. For two people (and maybe a child) definitely double that.


  • NON-STICK FRYING PAN roughly 25-30 cm diameter (not that important)
  • AVERAGE GLASS that you use day-to-day to hydrate yourself with water or any other beverage (for easy measurement)
  • BLENDER/MIXER (or you can even stir it with spoon as long as you do it well and make sure there’s no lumps left)
  • SPATULA (wooden or plastic, obviously you should avoid scratching your pan with anything metal…we’re talking non-stick pan so most likely Teflon or other layer is involved)


  • 1 GLASS OF MILK OR APPLE JUICE (yes, apple juice)
  • 1 GLASS OF WATER (can be mineral or still or even cooled down boiled/kettle water)
  • 1-2 SPOONS OF HONEY OR SUGAR (unimportant how much really, I use two teaspoons, adjust to your desire)
  • SPLASH OF OIL (can be pretty much any oil, I used sunflower, vegetable, olive as well as walnut; if you need to measure give it a 2-3 teaspoons, it just helps to make pancakes without putting excess of oil on the frying pan)

Drop all ingredients into a jug or bowl, blend it well.

Heat the frying pan dry, you may put a drop of two of oil of choice to give a pan some delicate non-stick extra layer but it is not a requirement) – pour a first one and quickly manoeuvre the pan to spread it even. Don’t worry if it’s out of shape or too small, you can adjust with second one.

These can be made and eaten quickly with pretty much anything that you have in the fridge – go creative. For my version I pour over mixture and wait until I can flip the crepe, after flipping I sprinkle little layer of grated cheese on it and put a slice of ham on it. Once it heats up and cheese is melted, I fold “wings” of crepe to the inside and then fold again. I flip it couple of times to heat it but not allow to burn. Then I serve it with ketchup or curry ketchup or curry mayo (recipe coming next).

Give it a shot and share comments if you created something else that you think is worth tryin’ !