World known and never ending problem – obesity. Increasing weight and inability to function normally, hits us all very hard. Let me share some discovery that brings nothing new but opens eyes with a very simple and effective science…

Aside from general rule of thumb, the older you get the easier it is to “save” fat for later, many people look for golden diets, mega hacks to get quickly and easily into shape. While some succeed (more or less, after probably bringing themselves almost to death by exhaustion or starvation) – most don’t. What’s worse – they get worse, even.

I am not expert but I listened to one, that asked the right question and worked on an answer. Answer is partially from 1940s and partially completed in the recent years with some data that was never asked before. Spoiler warning! Well, not really. I won’t keep you in check too long – the answer is simple and ridiculously already well known, yet people continue to seeks somewhere else. I strongly advise you to watch the whole thing with experiment as it’s astonishingly fascinating and worth watching every week or month to remind yourself and stop looking for bs diets and never working programmes.

Watch it regardless. Answer is: we breathe roughly 84% of fat out with CO2 and the rest comes out in various forms of our body in H2O. No weird diets anymore.
Simple principle is “turn your fat into Carbon Dioxide and Water – to do that: eat less, move more and keep breathing.”

The whole thing to watch: