# [2014] Aksonema [live! Acoustic EP]

And finally 2014, EP was born, without much mastering so it lacks a punch a bit (better put volume up if you dare to test it). Since then it was hiatus… but behold, surprise is coming this year hopefully 😉

# [2014] Coverphobicum Live Acousticum

And in 2014 I decided to bundle up some other cover songs I committed. A new production was made…

# [2001 – 2011] Own, unplugged and uneasy

I was of course creating my own music back in the days. Although my main stream of production was about cover songs, some originals were born across and after ten years I decided to give them a proper compilation. Some… Continue Reading →

# [2010] Triplesuck’s Coverphobia Acoustica

…and in 2010, it happened twice. Two compilations of cover songs. I used to be productive.

# [2010] Coverphobia Acoustica rev.2

Then 2010 came. And I had couple of other cover songs to record and a bit more skills then…

# [2004] Homemade Coverphobia Acoustica

In 2004 I made a first “draft” and it became recording of poor quality. Still if you fancy a go…

# Soundcloud Projects of mine

I make sounds. Weird sounds sometimes. Sometimes they even get organised in some structure with melody. If you dare to listen and would like to kill your ears with some acoustic stuff…

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